Social Champions

Are you looking to help your child build essential social skills in a supportive and fun environment?
Our Social Champions group is designed specifically for children who are looking to learn effective communication skills, build meaningful connections, and navigate social situations with confidence. Through engaging activities and guided discussions, children will practice vital skills such as positive communication, teamwork and cooperation, using empathy and conflict resolution skills, and emotional regulation.
Groups will include a variety of social skills games, ensuring that learning is both effective and enjoyable. Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing space where kids can grow socially and emotionally while having fun and learning how to be a friend. Contact us today to learn more!
This group might be right for your child if:
-They are between 7 and 11 years old
-They find it challenging to make or keep friends
-They struggle with understanding social cues or managing conflicts
-They want to improve their communication skills and build stronger, more balanced relationships
Price – 5 weeks: $480

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